PES 2010. Новое видео с Лео Месси и еще больше новостей!

22:29, 05 Июня 2009

"For years football fans all over the world looking for a new player to enter the world greates footballer hall of fame along with players such as the legendery Brazilian Pelle and the Argentina hero Diego Armndo Maradona.

Until last Wednesday some were wondering if Lionel Messi can be a really big one. But at the moment of truth, in the Olimpico stadium in Rome and in front of millions of eyes around the world examining, Messi finished a great season with a wonderful goal and which gave Barcelon F.C the European champions leauge cup.

For football fans, mess is the biggest player in the universe. He’s Quick, smart, with high technical level. But above all, for some Messi is considerd as a god espacially for the kids who want to be like him when they’ll grow up.

After 36 hours of celebrations , Messi came to meet the Konami primary Dev-Team which is responsible for the next generation game- PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER, which will be out this October. PES is a very popular soccer game around the world which fascinating children and adults of all ages.

Senseors were attached to Messi body, intended to read any move he makes, and immediately preserved it in the memory of the game. The game programmers, together with the footballer of the company, stood on the side with the lists prepared, including all elements that Messi will be making for the game. Messi did a lot of runings and exresice a varity of movement, including kicking the ball, celebrate a goal and tackles when on the LCD screen on the othe side of the turf it was possible to see immediately how Messi character in game will react and move. Each step of Messi in real life has been translated immediately to Messi figure in the game.

Even the Ball itself and the nets consists sensors to traffic their movement in real life and well seeing in the game.
So you can be calm. Next time you play in PES, you can be sure that if you score a goal with Messi, it will be the same way as messi score in real life - It’s 100% gurantee!!

The game dev-team, headed by Mr. Sozoki, were carefully examined Messi movements and Messi carried out all the elements that listed in the dev-team notes. So, next time you when play PES with Barcelona and you will score a goal with Messi, you’ll then know how Messi really doing it in real life.

The new game is expected to be more realistic than ever. The players now have uniqe A.I elements. The players and the ball movement were improved by far and the fans can now be preaper for hours of fun in front of the T.V
Konami also aquire the rights of the majority of football clubs, so for the first time in game history we could see the the original outfits of the greates football clubs in the world.

The feeling was very special. Everyone was very excited to examine closely the best player in the world, only 36 hours after Messi scored the winning goal in CL final”

Source: ONE TV

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4 messifan • 00:10, 07 Июня 2009
Эй народ скажите, а вы случайно не знаете что он ответил в интервью когда репортер спросил у него кто лучше месси в игре илии месси вживую? ато я в испанском ваще не шарю
3 messifan • 21:02, 06 Июня 2009
Судя по видео, геймплей притерпел чень крутых изменений, если конечно он будет таковым в игре! cool
2 алекс90nike • 13:39, 06 Июня 2009
хммм вот и будет один месси с мошион капчюр сделан а остальные как всегда)))))) biggrin wacko
будем ждать))
1 Vetalkard • 13:11, 06 Июня 2009
4 месяца осталось ждать! ппц как долго !
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